Dioxins refer to a group of most toxic compounds and have caused serious contamination problem to the environment of our world. Scientists and health experts are concerned about dioxins because studies have shown that exposure to dioxins may cause a number of adverse health effects. In Hong Kong, dioxin contamination from waste incineration as well as from former industrial sites has been of great concern and sensitive to the public. Dioxins released into the air from combustion processes may be transported from air, soil and coastal water to animal and human. In water, dioxins tend to settle into sediments where they can be further transported or ingested by fishes and other aquatic organisms. Dioxins can be concentrated and accumulated in food chain. There has been many worldwide crisis of contamination of dioxins and their effects on human health and the environment.

Thus, careful analysis and monitoring must be carried out to make sure that none or acceptable levels of dioxins are released into the environment of Hong Kong. Studies on fate of dioxins in the environment and foods, the pollution pattern and risk assessment, and development of technologies for dioxin remediation require trace analysis of dioxins. However, the lack of dioxin analytical facilities has seriously limited the research activities on dioxins in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Baptist University, with its strength and strong expertise in environmental science and environmental trace analysis, has decided to take a lead in establishing an independent dioxin laboratory to utilize our expertise to serve our community and to support research on dioxins. We believe the dioxin analysis program will greatly benefit the protection of the environment and human health in Hong Kong.

The HKBU Dioxins Laboratory is the only one dioxin laboratory provides commercial analytical service in Hong Kong.

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